Sight for Students Program Lets NASN Members Access Free Eye Care and Glasses for Students

By NASN Profile posted 10-09-2018 16:58


VSP_Global_4c_294.jpgThe VSP Global® Eyes of Hope® charitable programs have donated over 1.3 million pairs of eyeglasses to adults and children in need --- and 400,000 of those were the direct result of NASN members helping students.  NASN members have a chance to help reach the goal of donating another #MillionMore by 2020.

VSP Global's® Sight for Students®, an Eyes of Hope® gift certificate program [this links requires a login] ensures that adults and children in need, including those affected by disaster, have no-cost access to quality eye care and new glasses through a local VSP network doctor.  NASN serves as a community partner for the program, which means that NASN members have access to gift certificates for a no-cost eye exam and, if prescribed, new glasses that NASN can distribute to low-income students 19 or younger who qualify.  Eyes of Hope® programs also provide free eye care and glasses to people who have lost theirs in hurricanes or other disasters.

The Sight for Students® program is a very valuable resource for school nurses to advance their practice and to provide comprehensive care to students in their care.  This is what some of NASN's members say about the program.

"As a school nurse, I am very fortunate that I can obtain [Sight for Students gift certificates] for my students in need via the National Association of School Nurses. One of the elementary students I have been coaching…just showed me her new glasses. She looks great and now can see the whiteboard and read! Thank you!” 

“The VSP program is a very valuable resource. Our district is a low income community and this resource gets used a lot. Students learn better when they can see their work.”

NASN members will complete an enrollment form online [this links requires a login] to register as a partner, which will allow potential candidates to request gift certificates from them, using VSP Global's® online administration system.  NASN members are required to abide by the Sight for Students® eligibility criteria in selecting student to receive gift certificates.

By joining NASN today or paying for your school nurse to join, your school will have access to this valuable free resource for students in need.

Tweet @schoolnurses using the hashtag #TodaysSchoolNurse to share your success story of how you helped your students receive free eye care services and glasses.  Get social media graphics for your tweets.