All You Need to Know About SchoolNurseNet Discussion Lists

By Sharon Conley, BA posted 01-31-2018 21:30


SchoolNurseNet discussion lists are one component of an online community for school nursing professionals that fosters trust and diversity; where community members can grow in professional confidence and ability through sharing knowledge, information, and feedback with each other.

Here are some details about SchoolNurseNet discussion lists to help you get the most out of them.

What if you aren't receiving mail from the discussion list?

  1. Go to your profile to be sure NASN has the correct email address on file. Update the email address if needed. 
  2. Go to your website profile to be sure there is not a block on your email address. In your profile, select MY ACCOUNT and then select COMMUNITY NOTIFICATIONS. If the discussion list has blocked your email address, there will be an alert message here. 
  3. Go to your website profile to be sure your mail delivery is set up correctly.  In your profile, select MY ACCOUNT and then select COMMUNITY NOTIFICATIONS. Scroll down to the list of discussions and change any that say NO EMAIL. [NOTE: If you are curious about the Consolidated Weekly Digest option, please contact NASN for instructions.] 
  4. Mark the following email addresses as safe senders:

How do you send an email to the discussion list?

Messages can be sent to discussion lists on the SchoolNurseNet website or from your email program.

NOTE: If choosing to send a message from your email program, you must send from the email address on file with NASN.

  • To send a new message to a discussion list on the SchoolNurseNet website, go to the post a message interface
  • To send a reply to a message on the SchoolNurseNet website, find the discussion list you want in its community by going to the my communities  menu option. Find the message in the list of discussion list messages. Select reply to discussion.
  • You can send a new message from your email program but will need to know the custom email address for the discussion list. Check with NASN if you do not know the custom email address. 
  • To send a reply to a message from your email program, use the reply to discussion option associated with the message as found in the discussion list email you receive.

Can you send a reply to an individual instead of the entire list?

If your reply will be useful to the entire group, please reply to the discussion or group. If it is only beneficial to the sender, you can reply to the sender. Each of the discussion list messages includes a reply to group or discussion button and a reply to sender button.

Discussion List Rules and Etiquette

The community code of conduct contains rules and etiquette and applies to all discussion lists on SchoolNurseNet. A reminder of the code of conduct is emailed to members of the online community on a semi-annual basis to maintain professionalism.

If you have any questions about the discussion list, please contact me at