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Membership Matters

By Sue Zacharski, MEd, RN, BSN posted 10-11-2015 16:49

Membership Matters

Membership Matters 

This week NASN will highlight two of its longstanding members to provide insight on how their NASN membership has impacted their School Nurse practice.

Connie Board, RN, BS, NCSN, school nurse at Lipsey Elementary in Brookhaven, Mississippi

Connie BoardConnie Board has been a member of NASN for 10 years. She loves the idea of Regional NASN conferences, and believes strong communication with the affiliates and school nurses is an NASN strength. Connie says, “Being a member of a national organization that focuses on the grass root issues of school nursing and addresses those issues is definitely a benefit of the membership.”

Connie says she considers the most valuable NASN benefit to be the encouragement of elevated thinking of the larger national concerns of children’s health issues in school. “Changing the focus of my thinking led to the search for evidence-based research, and this search led me to NASN’s publications and position statements.”

Connie also says membership in NASN has made an impact on her professional practice by “providing the big picture view of school nursing and how school nursing affects the health of children.”

Linda Compton, RN, MS, school nurse at the Great Brook Middle School in Antrim, New Hampshire

Linda ComptonLinda has been an NASN member for more than 15 years. She joined NASN because she said it was important to be involved in her professional organization. She also wanted to keep current, have a voice, and advocate for change.

Linda says, “I feel being a member of NASN allows me to advocate for school nursing with research-based information and current trends.” Linda finds the most valuable resources are the position documents and The Journal of School Nursing. She also find the Sight for Students gift certificate program valuable.

“An organization, no matter how well designed, is only as good as the people who live and work in it”. ~ Dee Hock

There is Strength in Numbers and NASN needs you! If you are not a current member, please take a few minutes to explore the numerous NASN benefits available to support and enrich your school nursing practice. We also encourage you to talk to a colleague about their experiences.

What Can NASN Members Do?

  • Share your NASN journals (NASN School Nurse and The Journal of School Nursing) with non members.

  • Explain how your membership contributes to your school nurse practice.

  • Share what prompted you to join NASN.

  • Share what keeps you involved in NASN year after year.

  • Tell your story.

  • Reach out to school nurses in your region and/or state.

When a new member joins and names a referring member, the referring member receives a $10 NASN e-commerce credit through the Strength in Numbers member-to-member campaign.

Show your NASN membership pride during the month of October. 

Use the "I am NASN Strong" graphic as your PICTURE in your SchoolNurseNet profile! Here's how:
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Membership Matters - Are you a #NASNSTRONG school nurse?


This blog post submitted by Susan Zacharski on behalf of the NASN Membership Committee.