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    RE: Preceptor

    Thank you. I did check with her and the nurse has to be from my state or have a compact license. As a school nurse I do not know any MSN nursing. Thanks for the advice.

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  • These links should be of interest to you The CDC has an early release of this report. I mention it because the use of nebulizers and "full, appropriate" PPE, should still be a concern.. " Risk for Acquiring COVID-19 Illness among Emergency Medical ...

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  • Hello Shannon, This question is really better to be posted within your state, if the institution that you are attending is also there.  It does give the impression that this is something that can be performed virtually, but the nurse, who takes this ...

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    Hello everyone, I am currently in school for my masters in leadership and management. I need an msn nurse with two years of management experience to sign off my logs. We can communicate through email and will not be to involved. If anyone is interested ...

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