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  • NASN2021! The call for ALL abstracts for conference is Oct 12, 2020. NASN will not accept e-Poster submissions beyond this new deadline. There will not be a February call anymore. Everything due Oct 12th. ------------------------------ Erin ...

  • NVivo and SAGE Publishing are partnering on a webinar series showcasing innovative qualitative, and mixed methods research from leading researchers around the world. Starting in October 2020, the first two webinars are: October 7 at 12 PM EDT - Doing ...

  • We have been unable to secure N95's for our district. We would be appreciative of any that we can get for our isolation rooms. Thank you. ------------------------------ Melissa Osofsky RN, BSN Certified School Nurse Rumson, NJ United States ------- ...

  • Does anyone have a sample med admin policy I could look at. I am rewriting policies and ours is pretty basic. I would like to see how others are doing it and what is included. Thanks.

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