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  • Greetings Conference Attendees, I am happy to see that you are gearing up for NASN2020 in Las Vegas, and I understand the desire to save money.  Take a moment to read my thoughts about... Why Stay at the Official Conference Hotel? The official ...

  • I booked at the Flamingo which is 0.7 miles from the Cosmo.  $46/night plus hotel/resort fees for two queen non-smoking.  $368 for the 4 nights.  I just stayed there in January for my daughter's 21st birthday and it is super convenient with the monorail ...

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    RE: Covid-19

    I agree with you. We are preparing internally, and as a county. The only thing visible that I have done is to update our website with a request to parents to keep students home when they are ill. This is also for the flu as we are still seeing too many ...

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    RE: Naloxone

    Have you checked out the naloxone in schools toolkit, located in the NASN Learning Center? ------Original Message------ Does anyone have a naloxone policy for stock naloxone that you'd be willing to share? Thank you! Julie Allen -- ...

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