NASN and School Health 50th Anniversary Dance Party

By Lynne Meadows, MSN, RN, BSN posted 02-07-2018 14:00


It's back by popular demand!  

NASN 50th Anniversary Party Poster




04-26-2018 14:01

​I would be interested in 2 tickets as well
I would love a ticket (maybe two).  How do we go about reserving them?

04-16-2018 09:43

Donna, Please reserve three tickets for me,  
Sue Smith, M. Ed., BSN, RN

04-09-2018 17:56

Thanks Donna
I would like to have 2 tickets to the Saturday baseball game.  What is the process in getting them reserved.  Polly Witt -Kansas

03-14-2018 10:53

Thanks Donna!  I was one of the 5 nurses that went to the Dodger/Giants game in San Francisco and have been to every other baseball games associated with NASN conferences since (San Francisco, Philadelphia, and San Diego).  It has been exciting to watch our nursing baseball crowd grow.  And I'm excited for the chance to see a game at Camden Yards!  Thank you for organizing this.

02-25-2018 14:01

Also back by popular demand, is the baseball outing.  While NASN isn't involved with the planning, host Nurses rally to attend baseball games at local ball parks.  A group of 5 starting at Candlestick Park in San Francisco years ago has evolved to 150 at Petco Park last year in San Diego.
To honor that growing tradition:
Saturday, June 30th at  ORIOLE PARK, CAMDEN YARDS!  This is a 4:05 PM game against the Los Angeles Angels.  It is a giveaway game for high demand Hawaiian shirts (of course, Orioles themed).  I have 160 tickets set aside for $30/seat that will await being claimed.  OPACY (Oriole Park at Camden Yards) is a 20 min walk from the hotel.  This is sure to be an event where "School Nurse go to bat for students every day".  Stay tuned for details.