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About NASN

What is the National Association of School Nurses (NASN)?
The National Association of School Nurses is a non-profit specialty nursing organization, first organized in 1968 and incorporated in 1977, representing school nurses exclusively. NASN has more than 17,000 members and 50 affiliates, including one in the District of Columbia and on serving school nurse overseas. The mission of NASN is to optimize student health and learning by advancing the practice of school nursing.

What is NASN's address?
National Association of School Nurses
1100 Wayne Avenue Suite 925
Silver Spring, MD 20910-5642
Get directions.

Does NASN publish journals?
Yes. NASN publishes The Journal of School Nursing and the NASN School Nurse. The former is published in digital format only.  The latter is published in digital and print.

Does NASN have advertising opportunities?
Yes. NASN has a variety of opportunities for advertisers, exhibitors, and sponsors.

Does NASN accept purchase orders?
Yes. NASN does accept purchase orders by regular mail, email or fax.

How do I request permission to reprint NASN materials?
Complete the Request for Permission to Reprint form and return it to NASN. NOTE: This is a "fillable" form. To use it properly, open it, save it to your device (computer), edit it, re-save it, and then email it to NASN.

About School Nursing

Where can I get a copy of School Nursing: Scope and Standards of Practice?
You can purchase a copy of the Scope and Standards in the NASN bookstore.  A table of contents is available as a preview.

What is the Framework for 21st Century School Nursing PracticeTM?
The framework, published in 2016, provides structure and focus for the key principles and components of current day, evidence-based school nursing practice.

What is the definition of school nursing?
School nursing, a specialized practice of nursing, protects and promotes student health, facilitates optimal development, and advances academic success. School nurses, grounded in ethical and evidence-based practice, are the leaders who bridge health care and education, provide care coordination, advocate for quality student-centered care, and collaborate to design systems that allow individuals and communities to develop their full potential. Adopted by the NASN Board of Directors February 2017.

Where can I find Professional Practice Documents or Position Statements?
These documents are indexed on the NASN website.

Where can I find the code of ethics for school nurses?
The NASN Code of Ethics was revised in 2016 and is available on the NASN website.

Is there a national certification for school nurses? 
Yes. The National Board for Certification of School Nurses (NBCSN) develops and implements the voluntary certification process of school nurses. NBCSN is an independently incorporated organization.

When is National School Nurse Day?
National School Nurse Day is celebrated on the Wednesday within National Nurse Week. National Nurse Week is always May 6-12.

Becoming a Member

How do I join NASN?
You can join online with a credit card using the online membership application. You can also join by print mail using other forms of payment and a printable application.   

How much does it cost to join NASN?
Amounts vary by state or area because of the combined or unified membership structure NASN has with many state school nurse organizations or affiliates.  Refer to the dues table for the cost in your state or area.

What are the benefits of joining NASN?
The most popular benefits are the subscriptions to The Journal of School Nursing and the NASN School Nurse, the All Member Forum, the free CNE contact hour courses in the NASN Learning Center, the advocacy e-toolkit, and the Sight for Students vision gift certificate program for students. Refer to the complete list of benefits for more detail.

Does NASN accept purchase orders?
Yes. NASN does accept purchase orders. When paying membership dues with a purchase order, print a copy of a membership application and send it to NASN with the purchase order.

What are the different membership categories?
NASN's membership categories or classifications are Active, Associate, Retired, and Student. Refer to the classification description document for more information and detail.

Is NASN membership only for registered nurses (RNs)?
No. NASN's position is that every child deserves a school nurse who is licensed as a registered nurse. However, NASN does have an associate membership category for nurses having other license types such as LPN or LVN. 

Can I join NASN if I practice outside of the United States?
Yes. NASN and its affiliate, the Overseas School Health Nurses Association, welcome school nurses employed by Department of Defense Dependents Schools (DoDDS) and in International Schools. School nurses not employed by DoDDS or in International Schools may join NASN only.

Will I be a member of my state or local school nurse organization when I join NASN?
Not always. Depending on where you practice, you will also be a member of your state school nurse organization when you join NASN. NASN refers to state school nurse organizations as affiliates.  The combined membership is referred to as unified membership. However, there is a handful of states that do not have unified membership. In these states, you will be a member of NASN only. Refer to this document for more information.

Are there membership scholarships?
No. NASN does not have membership scholarships.  However, you may want to reach out to community organizations such as Lions Clubs and Parent Teacher Organizations.

Does NASN provide information on its members?
Yes. NASN does rent member names and mailing addresses to carefully screened companies and organizations which offer items that may be of interest in the profession of school nursing.  Members may opt out of this list when they initially join NASN and anytime thereafter on their NASN profile.  Please refer to the Privacy Policy for more information.

Can libraries purchase subscriptions? 
Yes. Schools of nursing are invited to purchase a subscription to The Journal of School Nursing through SAGE Publications, Inc. To order or obtain information, readers and librarians may contact the SAGE Journals Customer Service Department at journals@sagepub.com or 1-800-818-7243.

Current Members

How do I contact the Membership Department?
Contact the NASN Membership Department at membership@nasn.org or call the toll-free number 1-866-627-6767.

When will I receive my membership card?
If you requested a print membership card, cards are mailed regularly. You should receive your membership card in the mail within four weeks of the date you pay your dues.  

Can I print a copy of my membership card?
Yes. A digital copy of your card is located in your my.nasn.org profile.  Visit the Membership Card web page.

How do I find my NASN ID or member number?
Your NASN ID is printed on your membership card. It can also be found in your my.nasn.org profile.

How do I get a membership dues receipt?
Your payments are stored in your my.nasn.org profile in an area called purchases

How do I get a membership dues invoice?
Invoices are stored in your my.nasn.org profile in an area called purchases.    

Will I receive a membership dues renewal reminder?
Yes. Members who pay dues annually will receive an email message when their Dues Renewal Invoice is ready. These members will also receive a reminder email if needed and  reminder by print mail if needed. Members who pay dues quarterly will receive an email message alerting them when their dues payment is being charged against the payment information on file with NASN. 

How do I update the payment information on my quarterly dues installments?
Your quarterly membership will need to be re-set.  You can do so by going to the my.nasn.org profile and selecting the RENEW button.  Complete the membership form.  Be sure to select YES when asked if purchasing a quarterly membership. When you enter payment information, CHECK the “save this credit card” box; and CHECK the “auto pay” box.

Contact the department at membership@nasn.org or call the toll-free number 1-866-627-6767 if you need support.

How do I renew my membership dues?
You can renew your dues online using a credit card approximately six weeks prior to the renewal date. 

Does NASN accept purchase orders?
Yes. NASN does accept purchase orders. When paying a membership dues renewal with a purchase order, print a copy of the renewal and send it to NASN with the purchase order.  You can find invoice and order history in your my.nasn.org profile in an area called purchases.

When will I receive my first journal in the mail?
The Journal of School Nursing is published in a digital format only beginning January 2021. The NASN School Nurse is published in a digital and print format.  NASN provides the publisher with a mailing list approximately 5 weeks prior to the mailng of the journal.  Please keep this schedule in mind when calculating the arrival of your first issue.  The NASN School Nurse is released in January, March, May, July, September, and November. 

Can I pay my dues in installments?
Yes. Members can select annual or quarterly installments when they initially join NASN. A $5 processing fee spread over four payments applies.  Quarterly payments are subject to auto pay every three months indefinitely unless NASN is notified to terminate the membership.  Method of payment must be credit card.

Can I change my billing frequency from annual to quarterly?
When you renew your dues, you can change your frequency.

How do I change my membership category, i.e., change from an Active member to a Retired member?
When you renew your dues, you can change your category to eligible categories.

I have moved to a different state. How do I change my state or NASN Affiliate?
When you renew your dues, you can change your state or NASN Affiliate.

Where can I find a copy of NASN's bylaws?
The bylaws are in the All Member Forum library on SchoolNurseNet.

How do I access journal articles online?
NASN's publisher, SAGE Publications, Inc., manages a website where NASN members can read full-text articles from The Journal of School Nursing and NASN School Nurse. To gain access to online articles, NASN members will need to register or sign in on the SAGE Publications, Inc. website and then activate their NASN society account using their NASN ID.  Learn more

How do I cancel my membership?
The NASN Membership Department will need to make this change. Contact the department at membership@nasn.org or call the toll-free number 1-866-627-6767.

Does NASN offer scholarships?
Yes. The Endowment Education Scholarship is for professional registered school nurses or school nurse educators pursuing post baccalaureate certification or graduate degrees. The Advocacy Education Scholarship is for school nurses participating in an advocacy education program. The RN to BSN Education Advancement Scholarship is for registered nurses employed in schools to advance their education. The New Member Scholarship is for a new, active member attending the NASN annual conference.

How do I obtain Sight for Students gift certificates for my students?
NASN members must use the online enrollment form to enroll in this program with VSP Vision Care.

Your NASN User Account and Profile

How do I find my NASN website username and password?
Your username is the primary email address on file at NASN.  Your password is one you create the first time you log into the website. 

What if I try to reset my password and nothing happens? 
The NASN website will attempt to send you an email to reset your password.  The email will be sent to the primary email address on file at NASN.  If you do not receive the email right away, check your "junk" mail folder or try an alternative email address.  If none of these attempts are successful, contact NASN.  Note that some firewalls and email servers may block the email from being delivered to you.  Also, if you try the reset option multiple times, you may receive a "permissions" message.

What if my primary email address has changed?
You can update your primary email address online in your my.nasn.org profile.  You must know your website username and password to make the change.  If you do not know your username and password, contact NASN for assistance.

What if the website login locks me out?
If you attempt and fail to log into the NASN website 7 times, you will not be permitted to continue trying.  Please contact NASN for assistance.

How do I find my profile?
NASN customers have more than one website profile.

The website profile is the one you use when you engage with colleagues through discussions on SchoolNurseNet and the profile that is connected to the website directory.

The my.nasn.org profile is only visible to the NASN staff and is used to keep your contact information current and make purchases. 

The Learning Center profile stores course activity including enrollment, content, and certificates of completion. 

How do I add a profile picture?
Go to your website profile. Find the button underneath the photo space or placeholder. You can upload a photo from your computer or from one of your social media accounts.

How do I update my contact details?
Go to your my.nasn.org profile.  The contact information in your my.nasn.org profile will be synchronized with your website profile.    

How do I update my demographics?
Most of the demographics collected by NASN are managed in your my.nasn.org profile.  You can update your mailing list preferences, special interest group enrollment, certifications, and more in this profile.

A few demographics are managed in your website profile. You can update your bio, education history and job history in this profile. 

What is the correct way to list my nursing credentials?
NASN recommends highest earned degree, mandated requirements (i.e. licensure), state designations or requirements, national certifications, awards and honors, other certifications.  If highest earned degree is not in nursing, then highest nursing degree may be included after highest earned degree. Example: MEd, BSN, RN, APN, NCSN, FNASN.  Watch this Membership Minute video for instruction on editing your credentials.

What is the directory?
The website directory enables anyone logged into the website to search for any contact in NASN's database of contacts or to search a subset of NASN members. In addition, each community on SchoolNurseNet has its own member list or member directory, which is a list of community  members. All directories maintain the privacy of individuals as set forth in the individual's website privacy settings

How do I check or edit my website profile privacy settings?
Go to your website profile, select my account, and then select privacy settings. You can choose to allow components of your profile to be visible to the public, just NASN members, your contacts on your contact list, or only you. It is advisable that you keep sensitive information such as your street address set to only you and that you keep the contact me options set to NASN members only. All other settings are up to your personal preference.

Can I edit my discussion list signature?
When you post a message to a discussion list, SchoolNurseNet appends your discussion list signature. You can edit the signature in your website profile. Go to your profile, select my account, and then select discussion signature. You can use the system merge fields that "pull" information from your profile or you can remove the system merge fields and manually enter your signature. 

Continuing Education

How can I get  a copy of my certificate of completion or proof of continuing education?
Visit the CNE Certificates web page for details.

Where is the next NASN annual conference?
Refer to the list of future, and past, conference locations.

Where can I find continuing nursing education opportunities?

NASN's annual conference and preconference are hosted each summer at various cities around the country and provide an opportunity to earn 20-30 CNE contact hours.

The NASN Learning Center has a library of e-learning and online CNE courses. Most courses provide an opportunity to earn 1.0 CNE contact hour, and some provide an opportunity to earn more.

The Calendar of Events includes upcoming educational conferences hosted by NASN and NASN's affiliate school nurse organizations.  


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