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Colorado Association of School Nurses, Supporting Students with 21st Century School Nurses

We are proud to recount the history and strong current position of the Colorado Association of School Nurses, (CASN). Formed in 1981 with the motto, “Strength in Membership, Unity, and Commitment”, our organization wasted no time exerting a strong voice in support of students and school nurses....

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Anniversary Gift to NASN from Margaret and IASN

I must begin with special recognition of a former member, Margaret Winters. She collected the history of the Illinois Association of School Nurses (IASN) from its inception until 2007, and wrote a book for us! She was, and is still remembered as an icon in Illinois school nursing. Known for her...

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The Maryland Association of School Health Nurses- Happy 50th NASN!

​ Happy 50th NASN! The Maryland Association of School Health Nurses (MASHN) has a rich tradition of school health leadership. We are the home of early school leaders like Shirley Steele and our current leader Donna Mazyck. The success of any affiliate is a team effort and we are grateful to...

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Iowa Celebrates 50 years with NASN

Iowa has a long and proud history with NASN. Here are some FUN FAST FACTS : Iowa was one of the original 17 states organized in 1968. We became affiliated with NASN in 1994. Ruby Wheatly from Iowa was the second president of NASN. After retirement from the University of Iowa, Dr. Jan...

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Looking Back Moves Us Forward--Florida Association of School Nurses: FASN

FASN—Florida Association of School Nursing It seems like only yesterday… seems like an eon ago…. You see, there was a determined group of Florida nurses who came together in the mid 1990’s to create a state nursing organization for those of us who had chosen a little known,...

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The Story of Indiana School Nursing

Nurses have served in Indiana schools since at least the early 1950s.The nurse in the school district accompanied the school doctor to classrooms to give immunizations in some city schools. Rural schools were served by the county health nurse. In the 1960s, school nurses in Indiana were hired...

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More Than Band-Aids and Ice-packs: LSNO Anniversary Blog

“What does a School Nurse actually do?” “Are you a REAL nurse?” “You have the best job, it must be SO easy.” “What do you actually do all day?” How many times has someone said something like this to you? Often times our roles / responsibilities are not well understood by teachers,...

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Nebraska School Nurses Association Anniversary Blog

The Nebraska School Nurses Association (NSNA) was formed in 1973, initially as an affiliate of the Nebraska State Education Association (NSEA). We became affiliated with NASN in the same year and have been affiliated ever since. Today we have 150 members and celebrated our 45th anniversary last...

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Maine Association of School Nurses History Blog

Maine Association of School Nurses History Did You Know That: The first Executive Director of the newly incorporated NASN was Bev Farquar, a school nurse from Scarborough Maine and an early CFO from NASN, was Gloria Durgin. Scarborough became NASN’s “home” from the 1980’s to 2006 when...

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School Nurse Organization of Minnesota History

School nursing began in Minnesota in 1909. Miss Virginia Rice was the first school nurse hired to work in St. Paul Public Schools. At the time, many communicable diseases kept students home from school. Starting in 1959 as part of the Public Health Baccalaureate Nursing Program, the University...