Recognition and Distinguished Service Award

Candidate Submission Criteria

Nominations may be submitted on Form 510 (Distinguished Service nominations) and Form 511 (Recognition Award nominations).

The proposed candidate must meet one of the listed objectives.

Data substantiating the objectives must accompany the nomination of the candidate.

Example: Descriptions of (1) outstanding services to NASN, special project(s), programs for school nursing/child health, and (2) description of how NASN benefited.

Officers, Board of Directors, members, and NASN members will be asked to submit the names of candidates.

Current Executive Committee members are not eligible to receive an award except for the President's Recognition Award.

Nominations for Recognition and Distinguished Service Awards must be electronically submitted or postmarked by March 1.

Nominations for the Lillian Wald Award must be postmarked by December 15.

Procedures for Selection of Award Recipients

The Executive Committee shall receive nominations (Form 510, 511), judge and select Recognition and Distinguished Service Awards.

Distinguished Service Award


To recognize an organization or individual who have continually supported or uniquely contributed to NASN, school nursing or school health services nationally in at least the last five years

Selection Criteria

The individual’s life and contributions to NASN could inspire others to promote the health of school children.

This individual shall also promote the goals and philosophy of NASN.

This individual shall be a member of NASN.

The Distinguished Service and Corporate awards are limited to the selection of one candidate in each category (both individual and organization) to appropriately recognize the exemplary contributions of the award.

NASN Recognition Award


  1. To recognize an organization or individual(s) who has given outstanding service or uniquely to NASN nationally within the last five years
  2. Or, a school nurse(s) for a special NASN project

Selection Criteria

The organization or individual’s contributions to NASN promotes the health of school children and/or school nursing 

This organization or individual(s) shall also promote the goals and philosophy of NASN.

This individual shall be a member of NASN.

Nominations for Recognition awards must be electronically submitted by March 1

Lillian Wald Legislator/Public Policy Award


To recognize a legislator or public policy official who has supported or uniquely contributed to NASN, school nursing, or school health services.

Selection Criteria

The individual has effectively advanced legislation or public policy during the past year in areas of importance to school nursing.

The committee may choose more than one recipient for the Recognition award if it is determined that two or more candidates are of equal merit.

Media Journalist Award


  1. To recognize an individual or news service that has supported or uniquely contributed to NASN, school nursing, or school health services through the media in the past year
  2. To recognize writers who effectively give audiences a greater awareness and understanding of the importance and value of school nursing through the media

Selection Criteria

Story content is accurate, relevant, and creative.

Storyline has a positive, major impact on public opinion or policy.

Storyline has made school health issues relevant to new audiences.

Storyline shows careful research and balanced, fair reporting.

President's Recognition Award

The Executive Committee shall review the President's Recognition Award recipients.


  1. To recognize significant and unique contributions to the NASN goals and the President's initiatives during his/her tenure.
  2. To recognize contributions of community nonmember volunteer(s) for service or contributions provided to NASN.

Selection Criteria

Current and active involvement with the NASN for at least the past two years.

Current Executive Committee members are eligible to receive the award.

Clear commitment to the mission of the NASN.